Alaska Naturals

Alaska Naturals Pet Products, a division of Trident Seafoods Corporation the largest vertically-integrated seafood company in North America, brings your pet the natural bounty of the sea in fluid form with our Wild Alaska Salmon Oil and Wild Alaska Pollock Oil. The perfect addition to raw diets, homemade diets, soft foods, freeze dried and dry kibble. Whatever you are serving your pet family, they have you covered to add a very rich absorbable healthy omega 3.

Alaska Naturals oils are a product of the unmatched wild caught seafood harvest off the 34,000 miles of Alaska, USA coastline. Their products come from fish caught in the USA, by fishermen from the USA, processed in the USA and manufactured in the USA.

Alaska Naturals own and operate 9 land based processing facilities in Alaska, own and operate 40 ships in Alaska. They are committed to fishing and investing in Alaska. They bring the best of Alaska’s omega 3 supplementation to your pets bowl.