PureBites Freeze-Dried Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats 4.2oz

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PureBites® Freeze Dried Cheddar Cheese Treats

Go ahead, turn the bag around and look at the ingredients. PureBites® are made with only 1 ingredient; 100% Pure Cheddar Cheese Sourced & Made in the USA. Dogs love the taste of PureBites® because our treats are freeze dried RAW to lock in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Dog parents love PureBites®because our treats are 100% pure and rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life.


100% Pure USA Made Cheddar Cheese


  • 2.0oz / 57g (Entry Size) - MSRP $4.99 - $5.49
  • 4.2oz / 120g (Mid Size) - MSRP $9.99 - $10.99
  • 8.8oz / 250g (Value Size) - MSRP $19.99 - $21.99
  • 16.6oz / 470g (Super Value Size) - MSRP $29.99 - $32.99



  • Made with only 1 ingredient; 100% Pure USA Made Cheddar Cheese.
  • Proudly Sourced and Made in the USA.
  • 100% natural, pure and easy to digest without any added preservatives.
  • A Great Source of Calcium.
  • Ideal for dogs with health issues or pets that are diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet.
  • Made using a delicate freeze drying process that preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh whole food. Only water is removed, preserving all the characteristics and natural nutrition of fresh cheddar cheese.
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