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Doggie Chicken Chips Dog Treat

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Doggie Chicken Chips are the perfect dog treat. They are crispy like a potato chip, not crunchy like a chicken flavored cookie or chewy like a chicken jerky. They are the perfect dehydrated chicken treats for dogs. These irresistible treats will quickly become your dog's favorite treat. Chicken Chips are so good, your dog will eat them up and be begging for more! No wonder, they’re like potato chips for dogs!



Doggie Chicken Chips are also one of the best puppy training treats. They easily break apart so you can use as small a piece as you like, and still give your pooch a motivating and tasty reward. They also work well if you are wanting a dog training treat for an adult or older dog. Unlike many chicken dog treats, Doggie Chicken Chips are all protein and they have just two calories, which makes them perfect for less active dogs or dogs needing to watch their weight. Chip’s Naturals Doggie Chicken Chips are made from 100% chicken, so cats love them too.

Doggie Chicken Chips by Kennelmaster Foods, Inc are the original chicken chips for dogs. They are made in the USA, using only one ingredient, the finest quality chicken tenderloin available and nothing else. They have only two calories per chip so you can feel good about giving your dog a low calorie, all protein snack.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How are Doggie Chicken Chips cooked?

Doggie Chicken Chips are dehydrated to achieve the perfect potato chip crunchiness.


How long do Doggie Chicken Chips stay fresh after opening?

If you think of them like a potato chip and keep them sealed (zip locked) Doggie Chicken Chips will last a very long time. They don’t require refrigeration and it’s recommended that you simply keep them in a tightly sealed container to keep the air from getting to them and becoming soft.


Are Doggie Chicken Chips laboratory tested and analyzed?

Yes. Doggie Chicken Chips are tested by an independent laboratory that is certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


Have Doggie Chicken Chips ever had a recall?

Never. Kennelmaster Doggie Chicken Chips are produced with only US sourced ingredients and meticulously crafted in their Florida facility.


Can I give my puppy Doggie Chicken Chips?

Yes, if your puppy is old enough to chew and swallow their dry food, then Doggie Chicken Chips should be fine. As always, it is recommended to watch your puppy with any dog treat, dog chew, or toy.



Chicken Tenderloin


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 80%
Crude Fat (min) 4.4%
Crude Fiber (max) 1.65%
Moisture (max) 9.52%

Calorie Content (calculated):
ME 3,345.5 kcal/kg
98.84 kcal/oz

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