Four Paws Paw Guard with Lanolin 1.75oz

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Healthy Promise™ Paw Guard™ with Lanolin is designed to protect your dog's paws. Paw Guard is a paw wax for dogs and is much easier than trying to put dog boots on your dog. Your dog's paw pads are a vital part of your dog's health and happiness. Your furry friend's paws need protection and they need moisture to restore dry or cracked paws.

If you happen to live in a warm climate, just walking you dog on a hot sidewalk can stress your dog's paw pads. And, if dog is exposed to all four seasons including extreme weather that take place in winter conditions, less humidity in the air, icy surfaces, snow, ice, sleet and rain can all dry out and damage you dog's paw pads.

With Four Paws Paw Guard you can help protect and soothe dog's paw pads. Made in the USA, Four Paws Paw Guard is a wax-like product that moisturizes with Lanolin. Lanolin oil is a waxy substance derived from sheep. It's widely used in human personal care products for its softening and conditioning properties making it an effective ingredient for combating dry skin, dry hair, and as a moisturizer for cracked lips. In addition, it also softens and heals dry or cracked paws while helping your dog's paw pads to retain moisture. 

To apply, you can just rub your dog's paws onto the product or put a little on your hand and massage it in.

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