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Many families today are facing financial challenges. In order to help alleviate some of these challenges, we are doing what we can by starting Get Help♥Give Help. We are offering a large bag of high-quality premium dog food at below our cost. This will provide an option for families to pay less than regular price for their pet's food. Our hope is that in some small way this will help families with their pet food costs, and in turn, help them to have more resources to use towards household expenses such as groceries and utilities.


Get Help♥Give Help will be running initially on a temporary basis and may end or be modified at any time. The extent of our ability to help families with their pet food expenses will come out of our profit margins and from the amount of financial support of others. We wish we were in a financial position to do more and give help to everyone who needs it. And we will continue to try to do more and we ask you to join us in our efforts. Our goal is to eventually offer pet food at little to no cost to families who could use a little help. Do Good. Be Kind. Give Generously. Love Intensely. Because together we can bring comfort and stability in this time of uncertainty.


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Thank You For Your Support and May You and Your Family Be Blessed.